Finishing Touches

Parkins Care Angel’s believe these personal finishing touches are essential to meeting our service user’s need’s these simple touches make all difference quality of care and going that extra mile.

 Address people in the correct manner do not patronise with terminology.

 Removing smudges and smears from service user’s glasses.

 Ensure on completion of care service users are situated in the correct position

 Suitable to meet their needs. Ask yourself???  Is the walking aid, TV remote, glass of water, telephone, care line, telecare ETC Accessible if required.

 Ensure when delivering personal care privacy and dignity are promoted by simply refraining from opening window coverings prior to completion of care or at the service user’s request.

 If service users are expecting guests be mindful and respectful.

 Attention to detail i.e. cushion’s plumped, curtain’s tied back.

 Fresh bed linen, towels and face flannels.

 Personal choice of clothing.

 For the gentlemen do they require a shave?

 For the lady’s what perfume / makeup would they like to wear?

 Wipe down surfaces, empty bin’s, wash dry and put away dishes used.

 Ensure if used the bathroom is cleaned i.e. towels hung up, flannels rinsed and folded, bath/shower washed down.

 Beds are made with clean sheets if needed.

 Personal choice of nutrition and fluid’s.

 Ensure service user’s care needs are completed and they are satisfied with the care provided.

 Ensure when the last call of the day is completed the property is left secure.

 Remember to record any issues identified and report immediately to the office.

 All service users should be treated as you would treat a member of your own family.

 Listen to what your service users are telling you. We are a guest in their home.

This list is not exhaustive but will go a long way when delivering care to ensure the service user is made to feel special.



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